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You will work on the final improvements on the project to present it to investors. Here, you will:

  • Discuss and improve your MVP together with experts and mentors;

  • Learn to pilot operation: conclude interfaces with industry experts;

  • Master your presentation, public speaking skills together with experienced trainers;

  • Pitch projects and learn to receive feedback, discuss the experience gained and personal achievements (on this stage, “Epic Fail Night” is going to shake things up!).

We are looking for investments, companies which are interested in your startup, so we will hold meetings and develop the projects further.

Teams and individual participants begin to explore an issue of interest on the “ART & EDUCATION” hackathon on the 10th—12th of December.  


FoxHub Accelerator starts on the 13th of December. The areas are: EduTech, Digital Art & Creative Tech, Public Health and Healthcare, Urban & Environment, Gamification & GameDev Lab. You will get a chance to:

  • Deeper investigate your problem;

  • Master customer development and system engineering techniques;

  • Attend design thinking sessions; 

  • Work on the concept of solutions;

  • Develop technical specifications and target audience analysis;  

  • Make your first version of the prototype (MVP);

  • Design, test, and share insights of a project with experts and other teams; 

  • Gather and analyze user experience and feedback; 

  • Develop your future milestones.

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